Shave and a haircut, 2 bits…

Watch the ears!

Try shaving with a straight razor AND taking your own picture! Amateurs!

Well the shave anyway! I do need a haircut, but that’s another story.  So I finished my second straight razor shave today with no nicks, no cuts an no errors!  It’s apparent that it will indeed take me a few weeks to become proficient with the blade and all the angles on my face (I’m sure someone once said I have angular features…not). I performed what’s known in the razor snob circles as a 3 pass.  That’s once with the grain (WTG), once across the grain (XTG) and once against the grain (ATG).   No you can’t just jump right into it and go against the grain.  Well you could with a small transfusion at the ready.  I however do not currently have health insurance (which makes this all the more daring feat;), so I will follow tried and true procedures.

I will tell the gentlemen on the blog that it’s the most satisfying shave I’ve ever had.  It requires a lot of focus and concentration on the task at hand.  The preparation, shave and clean up take about 15 to 20 minutes so it’s not your “I’ve got to shave quick and get to my meeting” type process.  You will however be rewarded by a clear mind and feeling of purpose and preparedness our Grandfathers felt (your Great Grandfathers for my niece’s and nephews out there).  A hot wash cloth, a well lathered mug of foamy goodness and a sharply stropped razor is all it takes.  Top it off with some after shave (Ruth asked me not to use Old Spice, but I have considered Hi-Karate:) and you will smell like a barbershop.  Yes my friends that’s a good thing!

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Vote, Redneck!

I’m proud to say I represented the conservative view and voted today.  Even though it was strange that one of my candidates for Judge in the Court of Appeals was missing.  Anyway I proudly present my “I’m a Georgia Voter” sticker…right on my “SD 455 Trans Am” T-Shirt.  I couldn’t be prouder.  I think I’m tearing up a little..snif..

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Gamecocks vs Vols – a house divided

A house divided

Well we survived another year of USC ( the real one) vs UT. The Gamecocks played classic gamecock football with flashes of brilliance and a balance of blunders. Wendy didn’t watch most of the game, but I assured her Dooley is going to be good for the year. Halley was politically correct and watched iCarly in the den and didn’t openly root for either team ( although she did wear her Gamecock cheerleader outfit ;) .

BTW the picture above was taken at the USC vs TN game in 2001.  We were allowed on the field prior to the game because Wendy knew someone working field security.  I knew this would be the ONLY time I would ever be allowed on the TN side of the field in Neyland wearing Gamecock gear.  It’s amazing what marrying a beautiful woman will gain you ;) Lou Holtz and Co. lost this game as usual, but we have new hope (also as usual :) .

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Welcome the NEW Thames Family Blog!


I’ve just moved our hosting to and already love it!

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